1. Commitment

WELL is committed to the employment of competent personnel in all positions, especially in safety critical work that shall form a part of the company activities. This includes WELL employees, contractors, sub-contractors and the self-employed.

WELL is committed to staff development and the development of competence through training and mentored practical application, followed by assessment against established standards.

Further the company is committed to the management of change and a key point is in the monitoring of staff competence, to recognise employees who are capable of promotion into more demanding roles, both for the company’s and the employees benefit.

WELL Management consider that the establishment and management of competence begins at recruitment and through training and development allows continual improvement in personal and company performance.

2. Management

In order to effectively manage competence employees will be assessed against established standards by a suitably qualified person. The method of assessment and the standards to be reached will be pertinent to the work and the task being assessed.

Additional training and a re- assessment time will be defined for those who do not meet any performance standards set.

In order for competence to be assessed a minimum level of training will be required, this shall be dependent upon the level of skills and knowledge necessary to carry out the work to acceptable standards and industry norms. This may be by formal Qualifications such as HNC in mechanical engineering and/or vocational training such as supervision or specific technical training, or schemes such as the CSCS competence system or local equivalent.

Employees shall only carry out work they are competent and authorised to do. However under the supervision of a competent person, trainee employees, may carry out support activities or safety critical work under that supervision, in order to progress and maintain the principle of continuing professional development.

All competence assessments will be recorded and will be a feature of annual appraisals where goals and objectives are established for the coming year.